Everything about this May wedding makes our hearts leap with joy!  The greatest ingredient to this wedding was the love (so obviously) shared between the bride and groom.

Just about the whole week leading up to the big day, it was raining.  We’re not talking little continual sprinkles.  No, this was an outright 1 to 2 inches of a downpour for three days straight and Saturday was calling for equal rain.

As luck (well, we think it was love) would have it, Saturday turned out to be absolutely stunning!  The sun was beaming beautifully and the bride and groom couldn’t have been happier.

Here are some of our favorite shots from the wedding:



Planner:  Chancey Charm  ❦  Photography:  Kirstyn Marie  ❦  Catering:  Red Hub Food Co.  ❦  Ceremony Chairs: Festive Fare  ❦  Tent:  Evan’s Tent Rental  ❦  Florist:  Good Earth Flowers  ❦  DJ:  DJ Ricky  ❦  Hair and Makeup:  Simply Elegant by Audra  ❦  Officiant:  Rev. Claire Frances  ❦  Transportation:  EasyRiders Bus Company


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